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  • Time of giving

    Aaah, Christmas – a time of giving… In the council offices where I work part-time, generosity has been overflowing of late. The staff within our building have raised over £1500 for local charities through various festive fund-raisers and desks have been laden down with donated mince pies and chocolates for all, too many of which now lie at the base of my stomach, grumbling away like Scrooge.

    Christmas can too easily become a huge, complicated event, linked to impossible-to-meet expectations. But if you strip it down to simple pleasures such as giving, sharing and being with those you love, you allow the stress to drift away so that it can become the holiday it should be.

    In an economically challenging year like this one, I think we’re all re-evaluating the meaning of Christmas slightly. Unable to buy everything on our wish-list, we’re forced to deliberate over each purchase and prioritise, justifying choices. It’s a good time to focus on the non-monetary forms of giving, for example love, time and listening; arguably, the more valuable and sustaining gifts.

    It’s also a time to remember that we need to be giving to ourselves too. This might seem like selfishness, but I assure you it’s actually selfless. There’s no better gift you can give others than being the best version of yourself, and the only way to achieve that is through investing in yourself. I don’t mean going out and buying yourself all those things you’ve had your eye on recently. I mean spending time focusing on the things that are most important to your happiness and well-being and then working out how to make these priorities in your life in the new year. And if one of the things that will give you genuine happiness, contentment, fulfilment and inner peace happens to be that swanky new coat you’ve spotted, then so be it!

    Have a very happy, simple Christmas, everyone… :)


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