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  • The beginning of the world

    Well, it's nice to know the world didn't end today - I am far too excited about 2013 for that to have been a satisfactory outcome. I had a particular interest into what would happen today, given the eerie similarity between the phrase 'Baktan Mayan' and my name, and given it's been a CRAZY year for me.

    However, when I originally googled the Baktan phenomenon, I learnt on Wikipedia (where else) that today was supposed to signal either the end of the world, or the beginning of 'a positive physical or spiritual transformation for Earth and its inhabitants' (see my sister blog, www.beckymayhem.wordpress.com, for the original post on this). Hmmm, I know which is my preferred take on the situation.

    In fact, the day has already seen a positive personal transformation for me, in that I found myself finally making this website live at half past midnight on 21/12/12. This timing happened purely by chance, but I can't help liking the coincidence.

    So, as in all situations, we have the opportunity to view it as positive or negative, and I have a strong feeling in my waters (sorry for that image) that it's the start of something good. But then, every day can be the start of something positive - it is up to us to make those good things happen.

    Enjoy the beginning of the new chapter of the world, according to the Mayans (and this May), everyone... :)


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